Our unique collection of SUP's. Storing and transporting traditional stand up paddle boards can be a challenge. Inflatable boards, however, can be deflated and inflated whenever you want, can be rolled up and transported in the unique backpack for easy travelling. Inflatable SUP's are made of high tech materials. They can withstand enormous pressure and this creates an unbelievably rigid pressurised board capable of riding waves bigger than most regular stand up paddle surfers would not even dare to conquer. Store one in your RV, boat or use it while trekking with the backpack for land expeditions and inflate whenever you want to cross a river or lake. Bring one along on your next vacation or your favourite mountain lake. Our SUP's are constructed from the finest PVC drop-stitch materials and EVA surface on top, easy and quickly inflated with the included High pressure pump and conveniently transported or stored in the included back pack.  Convenient, practical, lightweight and crazy stable on the water! Start enjoying the outdoors in a new way with our all-round boards at unbeatable prices.

Calletti™ SUP