About us

AQUAPARX was founded in the Netherlands by the van Leest brothers. Both surfing pioneers in Europe when it was still a developing sport. Time flies when your having fun! Since we founded AQUAPARX, the brand has developed into a fun brand with a range of inflatable recreational products. We and our customers enjoy an active lifestyle filled with adventure, fun and recreation. We offer a line of products from paddle boards to dinghies and added some fun items like inflatable hot tubs and bounce castles for the kids. Because be honest, we would all have wanted one of those growing up, right?

We are based in Calgary, Canada. You can find our products online and at selected retail outlets.

AQUAPARX Marine Ltd. 722127529
125 9th Avenue,  Suite 2000
Calgary , AB, T2G 0P6, Canada
Tel +1 587 319 0889
Fax +1 587 319 0895