Hot Tub Filters - set of 2


Help keep your SPA/Jacuzzi clean and hygienic with the original replacement AQUAPARX filter cartridges. Having a clean filter puts less strain on the filter pump and also assures that additional dirt and particles can be trapped in the filter paper, leaving your water clearer and safer. Comes in a box with 2 filters cartridges for practical rotation. The filters are easy to exchange. 

Note: For longer lasting filters we advise you to shower before every use of your hot tub to wash off natural oils and dirt.

TIP 1: The filter will last longer if you take care of it. Use the second filter to rotate one out when the other is being soaked in an overnight filter bath. The filter soak helps clear out the pores and help the water circulate better. Also when you rotate the filter, the other one is allowed to dry. This helps to take care of any live organisms so they are not reintroduced into the water.

TIP 2: Do not use a pressure washer on the filter, it could destroy the filter paper.  A standard garden hose or nozzle sprayed to get in between the pores while turning the filter cartridge should suffice. Never use soap when cleaning a filter!

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